Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Kiva is Doing Beyond Funding Business Loans: Recorded Webinar

Kiva is best known for funding loans to help entrepreneurs around the world grow their businesses. We decided to shed some light on what Kiva is doing beyond this to fund non-financial services and non-traditional loans with Part 2 of the Kiva Webinar Series. Our moderator and Sr. Director of Social Performance, JD Bergeron, first explores the loan categories already on Kiva that you can directly fund. He then digs deeper to share the services which you may not realize that you are indirectly supporting such as voluntary savings programs, health care, women’s empowerment, higher education and much more.

Thank you to everyone who joined us online last week. We were once again overwhelmed by the number of participants and grateful for the questions and feedback. For those of you who missed it, the recorded webinar is now available to view on demand.

Kiva Webinar Series Part 2:
What Kiva is Doing Beyond Funding Business Loans.
Moderated by JD Bergeron, Sr. Director of Social Performance at Kiva

Please check out the NFS (Non-Financial Services) blog series to expand on this topic further. Here is the most recent NFS post focusing on Health Care Services.

Thanks again to our Facebook community for voting on a topic for this webinar. We will continue to ask for your vote on future topics while also allowing you to pose questions specific to the subject matter in advance of the webinar.

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