Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome VisionFund Cambodia, a new Kiva field partner!

Cissy DeLuca, Senior Field Support Specialist, Asia

Join us in welcoming our newest field partner in Cambodia, VisionFund Cambodia!

VisionFund works primarily in rural Cambodia in all but five provinces. Kiva's support will help to ensure that VF Cambodia will be able to expand into the northeastern provinces, which are very remote and difficult to serve. In order to serve its poorer clients (many of whom are small farmers), they offer loans with an average amount of USD $250. In addition to providing its clients agricultural and small business loans, VF Cambodia also provides educational loans for children and adults, loans for families affected by HIV/AIDS and savings accounts for their clients.

Saheba Sahini and Cissy DeLuca had the opportunity to visit VisionFund Cambodia this past July. Pictured are Saheba and Cissy with the CEO's assistant, the Treasury Manager/Kiva Coordinator and the CEO.

VisionFund started posting last week - you can see their first loan here.

In 2010, VF Cambodia received the Gold Award in Social Performance Reporting from CGAP. Given its strong commitment to serving poor clients in thoughtful ways, Kiva is excited to support its newest partner in Cambodia!

To learn more about VisionFund Cambodia, you can visit their website at