Thursday, October 28, 2010

Community Thoughts on Kiva's 5th Birthday

As we have been celebrating our 5th Birthday this month, we have been asking the community to tell us how Kiva has impacted their lives! We have seen growth as an organization that we could have never dreamed of 5 years ago, and would like to thank all of you for taking this journey with us!

We asked our followers, via Facebook, “ In honor of our 5th Birthday: Share 5 words with us that describe how you feel when you make a Kiva loan!” Here are some of the responses we got:

“Creating the world I want” Carrie from Jackson, OH
“Really really really really good” Shawn from Abu Dhabi, UAE
“Thankful that someone started it” Samantha from Ontario, Canada
“Glad to help someone to reach their dreams” Nina from Oslo, Norway
“Lend money but give hope” Ryan from Austin, TX
“Engaged, interconnected, committed, good, innovative” Shannon from Oakland, CA
“Drop by drop fills ocean.” Murthy from Cupertino, CA
“Positive change starts with hope.” Johnathan from Sherman Oaks, CA
“Everyone deserves a little help :)” Anthony from the UK
“Microfinance+internet=marriage in heaven!” Jim from Sydney, Australia
“Engaged in politics of love” Kate from Glasgow, Scotland
“One raindrop raises the sea” John from Dinotopia, Australia
“Fühle mich glücklich und aufgeregt” (I feel happy and excited) Marion from Westfalen, Germany

Thank you to all of our lenders out there who continue to make a difference in the lives of people around the world! Help us celebrate our 5th Birthday, there are still a few days left to be part of the October Challenge!