Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chronicles of an Informed Lender

This week, Josh Clark of How Stuff Works, the digital duo deconstructing our world, released a two-part blog post discussing why they continue to support Kiva in light of the ongoing discussion about microlending that gained prominence thanks in part to reporting by the New York Times. "Somewhere toward the middle of the spectrum between an uninformed lender on Kiva who is nothing but sunshine and good intentions and those people who have never made a loan and are only aware of the bad press is perhaps the most desirable type of lender: one who is acquainted with the pitfalls of microlending."

We believe that an informed discussion on microlending is absolutely necessary and are grateful to Josh and Chuck for their continued support for Kiva! Please also check out their Kiva Smackdown Challenge to Stephen Colbert and their Kiva lending team!

To read Josh Clark's full article click here.