Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August food Month: Keep on truckin'

During August, we are highlighting food from around the world and Kiva entrepreneurs who are using their loans for food-related endeavors. Today we talk about the transportation of food...

For many of us, obtaining our food involves making a trip to a supermarket or grocery store, and choosing among hundreds, if not thousands of products. Fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and packaged foods are transported from nearly every corner of the earth and delivered to our local stores, yet most people around the world do not have this luxury.

For some Kiva entrepreneurs, transporting food is an essential aspect of their business endeavor, not to mention it’s also part of the larger challenge of adequately feeding people in their communities. Thus, it’s easy to see the importance of proper and efficient transportation when it comes to alleviating poverty.

Imagine the lost potential if someone produces food but is simply unable to distribute it to their community. In many parts of the world, food waste due to poor transportation options is one of the leading causes of high food prices and resulting hunger.

Kiva entrepreneurs are working to tackle these problems. Make a loan to a food transportation project today, and help an entrepreneur feed her community.