Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Most Popular Kiva Staffers

You may have noticed that we changed the donation/"Help us Pay the Rent" screen during the loan checkout process.

In particular, we're rotating through different pictures of Kiva Staffers to see which pictures are more likely to inspire people to donate to Kiva so that we can keep on doing what we do. For some people in the organization, it's become a mini-challenge to see who's most "popular." So, we 've been keeping track of the numbers and which pictures inspire more donations and we thought it would be fun to share the results as they stand now:

The top 5 are:
The picture of the meeting in our SF offices
The picture of Matt filming a documentary in Uganda
The picture of Michelle visiting entrepreneurs in Bolivia
The picture of Ben and Chelsa visiting in Kenya
The picture of Jessica visiting entrepreneurs in Mali

I'm sure this'll change as the pictures are up there longer, but just wanted to share a fun tidbit from inside Kiva. And now maybe you'll recognize these (and other) staffers when you're checking out.