Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Get Involved!!

Are you excited about Kiva.org? Then Get Involved!

Kiva.org is a tool for You - and we want you to make it your own, take ownership and get it out there!

Have you checked out Kiva Friends? Meet other Kiva Lenders and enthusiasts, share ways to market Kiva.org in your local area and discuss any aspect of Kiva.org in The Lounge. This is a website for you, created by a Kiva Volunteer, so make the most of it!

If you're in the Vancouver area, check out Agents of Change, a Canadian non-profit formed this year (by some of the most motivated people in the northern hemisphere), organizing a bike ride from Vancouver to Tijuana. Why? To raise money to be loaned to Mexican entrepreneurs through Kiva.org (all loan funds will be continuously reloaned). Bike ride? Yes, bike ride. And not the motorized kind either. The pedaling kind.

Agents of Change are organizing events in the major cities they are passing through, including Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Join in, jump on your bike and pedal with them on a celebratory ride around the city before they head south again. All details are on the website.

Kiva.org is about empowering the working poor through microloans, but it's also about You - the Kiva Lender, and empowering You to make a difference with your $25, $50 or your ten minutes to spend telling your friends about Kiva.org. This is a grassroots movement made possible by a global community of motivated people who want to make a difference - so get involved!