Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Frontline/WORLD Rebroadcasting Documentary April 10

October 31st will always be a special date in history.

Just a year after Daily Kos launched to life, Frontline/WORLD launched into the stratosphere. When the documentary Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way first aired at 6:30pm PST on October 31st 2006 our website promptly crashed as viewers logged on to the website to make their first loan. Over the next four days our engineers worked day and night to get the website back up and able to handle the massive traffic spike. Within 2 months our loan volume had increased from $500k to $2m and it hasn't stopped. Thank you Frontline/WORLD.

Frontline/WORLD are rebroadcasting Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way Tuesday, April 10 on PBS. This time, we are prepared and ready! We have a dedicated team at Media Temple to ensure our servers handle the traffic like a breeze (thanks guys!) and we're looking forward to watching the loan requests fly off the site.

So tune in to your local PBS station Tuesday night and watch the program that started it all. Don't forget to tell your friends!