Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 borrowers tell us what their Kiva loans made possible in 2012

In 2012, we made a point of interviewing many of our borrowers on camera to find out exactly how their loans worked out, what their plans are for the future and more. What resulted were some of the most inspiring conversations we had all year.

What really thrilled us is how many borrowers took the opportunity to thank our lender community. It's clear that the credit you helped provide has gone a long way toward changing these people's lives. And now we can share their words with you firsthand:

Meet Luisa.
She used her loan to buy materials for her sewing business in Peru, boosting her income and helping her better support her family.

Meet Abu.
He used his Kiva loan to buy seeds and plant more crops. The added income helped him support his family and put him on track to add 10 acres to his land.

Meet Renee.
Owner of a small construction company, she used her Kiva loan to successfully deliver on her first government contract and create three new jobs in New Orleans.

None of these things would have happened without the support of lenders like you! How many people can say that AND get their money back to lend again and again?

A little dose of inspiration for your 2013. Ready? Set? Go!

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