Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lend to the places that matter most to you with TripAdvisor and Kiva

Kiva is proud to announce a new partnership with travel and review website TripAdvisor!

Now, when you post a review about a destination, TripAdvisor will give you the opportunity to lend $25 to small business owners and communities in your favorite countries.

Given the tons of reviews TripAdvisor users have written about places around the world, it's clear that trips to foreign countries can leave a lasting impression. One goal of this partnership is to give you a unique way to show gratitude and appreciation for the memories and experiences you've had.

At Kiva, we're always surprised by how many of our users are travel enthusiasts. But it makes sense -- when you travel, you meet people and see things that inspire you to take part in the global community. That's why we're so excited to engage with TripAdvisor's vibrant community of travel buffs!

Here's how the partnership works:

1. Log on to www.tripadvisor.com.

2. Find a hotel, vacation rental, restaurant or attraction that you've been to in one of the 60+ countries where Kiva offers loans.*

3. Write a review to share your experiences so that other travelers can benefit from your wisdom.

4. When you click submit, you'll receive an email from TripAdvisor with all the information about lending with Kiva and a special link to the Kiva website.

5. Choose a borrower in the country you reviewed whose story speaks to you. Click to make your loan free of charge to you -- courtesy of TripAdvisor!

That's it! Just $25 can make a huge difference for a seamstress in Cambodia, a farmer in Peru and thousands of others.

Once you see how easy and rewarding the process is, we hope you'll come back to Kiva to make more loans!

* Please note:

Through the TripAdvisor program, a microloan can be applied to any Kiva-supported country with the exception of the U.S. For a current list of Kiva-supported, countries, go to www.kiva.org/lend and click on the map.

Why can't you make a loan in the U.S.? This initiative with TripAdvisor focuses on international travel and reaches out to those have traveled abroad and written a review. It’s a unique partnership that connects travelers from the TripAdvisor community with Kiva borrowers in the countries they have visited.

Have questions? Send them our way at contactus@kiva.org.