Monday, November 12, 2012

Your holiday shopping can make a difference this year with Novica!

We love our partner Novica!

Not only does it give artisans in developing countries the opportunity to sell their goods online, it also connects them with loans to get their businesses off the ground. That's where Kiva has come in handy, helping to raise financing for Novica artisans.

NOW and through Nov. 21, Novica will be donating 20% of all purchases to Kiva -- helping us expand our operations and reach even more borrowers around the world.

To date, Kiva lenders have funded $149,600 to 124 artisans around the world through Novica. These artisans -- located in rural and remote parts of Asia, Africa and South America -- had very limited access to larger markets for their goods. But the internet has changed all that.

Now you can buy incredibly unique jewelry from Thailand, dresses from India, paintings from the Andes Mountains, and much much more. There's even a Gift Finder tool to help you make the perfect choices for your friends and loved ones.

We're so excited to be working with a partner that gives our lenders the chance to buy goods directly from the borrowers they've helped support.

Donations help us build more connections like this around the world. Now you can do your part while helping artisans and giving one-of-a-kind gifts to the people in your life. It's a win win win.

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