Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lender Spotlight: Creating American jobs, one mile at a time

This is a guest post contributed by Kiva lender Mary Lynn Halland.

On Sunday, November 4, I'll be on a mission to create jobs in the United States. How? By running the 2012 ING New York City Marathon.

Already, family and friends have been pledging $1 per mile -- $26.20 per person -- to my Kiva lending team, "Mary Lynn's Marathon Supports." Together, these pledges will enable us to make one loan per mile I run to U.S. entrepreneurs right away -- and more and more loans as these initial borrowers repay. The end goal: to help small businesses grow and hire more American workers.

Last year, for the 2011 marathon, I raised enough to make 19 loans. And since then, I've funded 6 more loans with the repayments. Unfortunately, I caught the flu five days before the race and couldn't run. But not one of my backers asked for their money back. I'm clearly blessed with wonderfully generous people in my life.

At first, my lending team planned to make loans around the world. But when one supporter suggested we focus our loans on U.S. businesses to help create jobs, something clicked. It's been our policy ever since.

So far, I've raised enough to fund 12 loans this year, and am looking forward to seeing some of my supporters along the 26.2-mile route for some much-needed encouragement.

There's still time to make a pledge to my lending team and help us hit our goal of one loan per mile! Just join "Mary Lynn's Marathon Supports" today and make a loan to a U.S. entrepreneur

Just look for the hat!

And if you're in NYC or watching the Marathon on TV, be on the lookout for me -- way at the back of the pack. While I certainly won't be setting any speed records (I hope to finish in 5.5 hours), I'm psyched to do my part to help American small businesses and even more people looking for employment. Together, we can help pull the country out of this slump and start moving forward!

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