Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Kiva: Parties, a Loan-a-Thon and more!

Happy Birthday Kiva! This week we're embarking on a HUGE milestone -- our 7th year connecting lenders and borrowers to empower people around the world.

It seems like only yesterday that launched and immediately caught on after our inaugural article on Daily Kos. It's been an incredible journey ever since.

Between October 20 and 26, we're on a mission to raise $425,000 in loans in just 7 days to create even more opportunity for borrowers in 60+ countries! To hit this goal, we've called on 23 lending teams to rally support and rack up loans. Check them out, pick a team and make a loan at We'll be keeping track!

Amazing lenders are also hosting parties in cities around the world to celebrate our 7 years -- including in New York, Paris, Minneapolis, Melbourne and others. We've equipped many of our party hosts with Kiva in a Box -- containing a hosting t-shirt, tote bag, trivia game, informational flyers and free trial cards. And there's still time to order one on our site!

While some lenders have chosen to host private get-togethers for their friends, there are several large events planned in major urban centers throughout the week. Check out this listing, and if you're nearby, join in!

October 20: New YorkMinneapolis

October 22: Melbourne, Portland & Seattle

October 23: Denver & Sydney

October 25: Boston

It's remarkable to see what's been accomplished in just 7 years. More than 835,000 lenders have helped fund almost $360 million in loans to over 880,000 people in 66 countries. Whew! We're so grateful for where we are today, and for the incredible generosity and involvement of our lending community that helped get us here.

The original 6 Kiva employees who made magic happen back in 2005, including President Premal Shah (2nd from left), CEO Matt Flannery (far right), and Community Director Chelsa Bocci (bottom left) -- who all still work here today.

We look forward to working more with all of you to make long-term global change -- one loan at a time. For now, we hope you'll join in the fun!

Have questions? Comments? Want to wish us happy birthday? Email us at