Friday, September 28, 2012

Week in Review: Economic Empowerment through Education

September is coming to an end. This month we went back-to-school and focused on the impact of global education--especially for women. We partnered with Dermalogica to provide $25 free trials and believe that when a woman is educated she learns and earns at the same time.

From UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon launching his "Education First" initaitve to Kiva CEO, Premal Shah promoting tuition loans abroad--education has been on the forefront of the newscycle this week.

UN AIDS: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon launches “Education First” to send every child to school
The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon launched a new initiative “Education First” to ensure that every child goes to school, receives quality education and imbibes values of global citizenship.

BBC News: Iranian university bans on women causes consternation
With the start of the new Iranian academic year, a raft of restrictions on courses open to female students has been introduced, raising questions about the rights of women to education in Iran - and the long-term impact such exclusions might have.

Huffington Post: The Power to Create Change Is in All Our Hands: Microloans for Students
Kiva understands that access to education sits at the crux of poverty and economic advancement. That's why this year, Kiva launched its first initiative to fund student loans in countries like Kenya, Colombia , Indonesia, and South Africa.

Addiitonally, we hope you tune in to Half The Sky Movement: Turning Opression into Opportunity Worldwide on PBS, October 1st and 2nd. Watch Olivia Wilde on The Daily Show discussing her time volunteering in an all-women village in Kenya.

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