Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Field Partner: ASPIRE helps build homes and dreams in the Dominican Republic

We're thrilled to welcome our latest partner in the Dominican Republic, ASPIRE!

For almost 20 years, ASPIRE has been providing financial, educational and vocational training services to empower the poorest segments of the country's population. Founded on Christian values, ASPIRE promotes a holistic approach to poverty alleviation.

With six offices located throughout the country, ASPIRE encourages borrowers to start and grow small businesses. The technical assistance and training the organization provides is specifically tailored to the needs of these micro-entrepreneurs and the jobs they do.

In addition to helping ASPIRE expand its loan products, Kiva funding has helped the organization develop a new housing loan product in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity. These loans are designed to make dramatic quality-of-life improvements possible for Dominican families living in under-resourced areas.

ASPIRE is helping entrepreneurs like Eugenia (pictured above), a hairdresser striving to grow her customer base and buy more supplies. A $275 loan will help ensure a more stable income for her and her family.

For more information on ASPIRE visit their Field Partner profile page.

Photo courtesy of dlbezaire.