Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How Kiva is supporting borrowers beyond loans [WEBINAR]

Earlier today, we hosted the fourth in a series of educational webinars about how Kiva is diversifying its partnerships and loan products to reach more borrowers and expand choice for lenders. Check out the recording of today's presentation below.

Late last year, Kiva introduced its Social Performance badges -- a system for distinguishing Field Partners that go above and beyond to serve specific client needs. For example, one badge is awarded to partners that offer services tailored to families. Another badge marks partners that help their clients save money. Another tells you when partners specifically target clients living in poverty.

Today's webinar focused on the badges awarded to partners that offer additional services and special loan products to entrepreneurs and households to help them build brighter futures. Specifically, the partners with these badges offer support services for families like health care, pre-natal care, and nutrition classes; support services for businesses like financial literacy training and market access; savings services like interest-earning accounts; and innovative financial products like micro-insurance, lease-to-own packages, and more.

Here at Kiva, we're thrilled to be working with partners that maximize the impact of our lenders' funds. Our webinars are designed to help you, our community, learn where loan dollars go and how they can be put to work for social good around the world. They also give us a chance to connect with our lenders and answer any questions you might have about Kiva, how we're changing where and how we work, and more.

We'll keep you posted the date of our next webinar. In the meantime, tune into our Facebook and Twitter channels to keep the conversation going about social performance and what it means for borrowers.

May 30 Webinar: Kiva and Social Performance Services
Featuring JD Bergeron, Director of Social Performance &
Ali Price, Community Marketing Manager

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The webinar before this one focused on what Kiva is doing to empower women around the world. You can watch the recording and find links to more past webinars here.

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