Friday, March 2, 2012

Week in Review: Let’s talk about women

Week in Review is designed to keep Kiva's fans and lenders up to date with news on microfinance, global development and all things Kiva from the previous week.

Can you believe it's already March? We are giddy with excitement because we have so many exciting partnerships, stories, events and surprises in store for you this month. While I can’t give away too much, I will remind you -- with a wink and a nod -- that March is Women’s History Month.

Naturally, we have been thinking about all of the incredible recent achievements and advancements toward gender equality worldwide. But at the same time, we realize there are still many battles left to fight.

The European Commission on Equal Pay Day recently released this clever video highlighting the gender pay gap. But, Europe isn't alone in this fight. A new report from the United States Census Bureau frankly stated, that in 2009 "women earned less per month than men at every degree level." 

Good magazine wrote about the report's findings and the specific impact the recession has had on women. And yet, many argue that the needs of the post-industrial economy are far better suited to women. Recently, Intelligence Squared hosted a debate on whether men are finished -- and the winning team convinced the audience that indeed the future rests on the sturdy shoulders of women.

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Photo courtesy of Heather Aiken.