Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kiva Cards - The Perfect Holiday Gift!

Looking for a meaningful gift for your loved ones this holiday season? A Kiva Card is the answer! Kiva Cards are an easy way to "give a Kiva loan" to a friend or family member. They get to choose the entrepreneur they would like to support with a loan.

There is no more unique gift than giving someone the opportunity to participate in the microfinance movement in a personal way, and there is no easier way to give the gift that really does keep on giving. The beauty of giving a Kiva Card is that the gift can be loaned again and again, each time helping another enterpreneur work their way out of poverty.

How Do I Buy Kiva Cards?

(1) Go to and click on "Gifts" at the top of the page.

(2) Follow the instructions to purchase Kiva Cards. You can choose to send your Kiva Card by email, snail mail, post it to the recipient's Facebook wall or print it and deliver it yourself.

We hope that you take advantage of the joy and inspiration that Kiva Cards can bring to this special time of year. Happy Holidays!