Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Featured Volunteer: Marty Greenstein

Lindsay Monnet, Review and Translation Program Intern

"I saw the poverty firsthand and found myself wondering if I had reviewed any loans of the people I met. It just hits home a little more."

City: Stockton, California
Languages: English and Spanish
Team: Magnificent 7
Time with Kiva: Since March of 2007, over four and a half years ago!

1. How did you find out about Kiva?

A friend told me about it around five years ago, and I really liked the concept. I went to the website, and thought, "That’s perfect, I can help out even more."

2. Why did you choose to volunteer your time with Kiva?

I was a Spanish major in college and lived in Spain, but did not really keep up with my Spanish after college. I thought it would be the perfect way to help people and also keep up with my Spanish.

3. From where do you typically review Kiva loans?

I actually do it mostly at work. I work in the sports department at a newspaper and so I have quite a bit of down time, waiting for games to finish. Translating gives me a chance to fill some of it.

4. What is your favorite partner or region?

They’re all good, but I like the ones from Peru, because I visited Peru last year. While I was there, I saw the poverty firsthand and found myself wondering if I had reviewed any loans of the people I met there. It just hits home a little more.

5. Tell us about a memorable profile you have reviewed.

I remember getting an email from a family friend who was looking independently through the Kiva website and came across my name on a loan I had translated. I remember thinking how cool and weird it was that someone saw my name, and how neat it was to see that I am making a concrete difference.

6. Where is your favorite place in the world to travel?

Pretty much the whole world. I have been to four continents, so I have a few more left. I try to travel as much as I can.

7. Tell us an unusual or surprising fact about yourself.

This is probably my "go to" one: I’m a twin. But it’s funny, my brother and I are completely different, pretty much exact opposites.

Photo provided by Marty Greenstein, Volunteer Translator