Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kiva Webinar Series: Part 3: Why Kiva Doesn’t Lend in Certain Countries.

Update: This webinar was originally scheduled for October 18, but due to technical difficulties, we have rescheduled it for October 20.

“Why doesn’t Kiva offer loans in X country?”

This is one of the top questions asked to Kiva's Customer Service team. Learn about what issues Kiva has to work through before partnering with certain organizations in specific countries around the world in Part 3 of the Kiva Webinar Series.

“Why Kiva Doesn’t Lend in Certain Countries.”
Kiva Webinar Series Part 3
DATE: Thursday, October, 20th
TIME: 9am PST/ 12pm EST
HOW: Sign up here

Please let us know if there are any specific countries that you would like to learn more about by posting a comment on our Facebook page or sending @Kiva a tweet using the hashtag #KivaWebinar. Here is an up to date list of our field partners and the countries they serve. You can sort by region as well to see if Kiva has partners in a particular country.

If you are unable to attend the live webinar, a recorded version will be available on the Kiva Blog. You can also view past webinars. To view “How Kiva Chooses Field Partners.” click here and to view “What Kiva is Doing Beyond Funding Business Loans.” click here.

We will continue to offer the chance to vote on future topics and allow you to pose questions specific to the subject matter in advance of the webinar. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook so you don't miss the chance to help shape future Kiva Webinars.

We look forward to this discussion on Tuesday!