Friday, July 1, 2011

Reminder: TriKiva July 02, 2011 in Kalamazoo Michigan!

This weekend, Kiva Lender, Dan Kalleward, will be directing a triathlon that supports the efforts of Taking place near his hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan, the campaign name “TriKiva” was created to encourage greater local awareness while raising funds for Kiva.

Kiva is proud to be in the Kalamazoo-area! To find out more information on ways you can support TriKiva check out, Athletes Give Kiva a Run for Their Money. To register please visit!

**Disclaimer: The Gull Lake Triathlon and Ramona Park Youth Triathlon are solely organized and operated by Orsus. Except with respect to any proceeds, which are provided to Kiva Microfunds, the event is not affiliated with Kiva Microfunds or Any transactions made with respect to the event or information shared with the sponsors or organizers of the event are independent of and are not directed to, Kiva Microfunds or**