Thursday, July 28, 2011

Microfinance Notes: 25 July 2011

At Kiva, we value being in tune with the current news, research, and findings, so each week we are going to bring you the latest updates in Microfinance!

In this post, we cover the following: a new addition to the Client Protection Principles regarding non-discrimination, South Sudan's recent independence, financial inclusion in Nepal, exchanging ideas between Peru and Vietnam, the difficult path to financial independence for people with disabilities, and much much more!

If you can only read one:

The Smart Campaign Adds Seventh Client Protection Principle

source: Center for Financial Inclusion blog

Kiva has embraced the Smart Campaign and the Client Protection Principles (CPPs) for Client Protection as part of the foundation for our approach to responsible microfinance. The CPPs have recently been expanded to address multiple financial products and the concept of “non-discrimination.” Which of the principles do you think is the most important? We want to hear from you!

If you can read more than one...

Letter from South Sudan

source: BRAC USA blog

Kiva partnered with BRAC South Sudan in 2008 in order to impact one of the poorest regions in the world, an area that had experienced atrocities. With its official independence earlier this month, it became Kiva's newest country, one where we have already been working for over three years!

Financial Consumer Protection in Kenya: Key Research Findings & Policy Recommendations (pdf)

source: Microfinance Gateway

Kiva's footprint in Kenya is broad and deep. Through a variety of partnerships, Kiva has been able to expand access to financial services for many Kenyans: Faulu Kenya, Juhudi Kilimo, Kenya Agency for Development of Enterprise and Technology (KADET), SMEP Deposit Taking Microfinance Limited, and Yehu Microfinance Trust.

Financial Inclusion: State of the Art in Nepal (pdf)

source: Microfinance Gateway

Kiva has been funding borrowers in Nepal through Patan Business and Professional Women (BPW) for nearly four years. An upcoming second partnership in Nepal will allow even deeper reach into the rural communities living in difficult-to-access mountain villages.

Expanding Access to Microfinance in Uganda

source: BRAC USA blog

Kiva Field Partner BRAC Uganda is now the largest provider of microfinance in that country. Read how BRAC has been able to expand throughout Uganda and how they work with borrowers.

Borrowers from Uganda

The Rich Complexity of Village Life (pdf)

source: Microfinance Gateway

Through its risk-tolerant funding, Kiva is able to direct focus on the most vulnerable segments of our society. In order to effectively serve those living in ultra-rural environments, we need to understand better how they live their daily lives.

We Heart Learning Routes - The Peru-Vietnam Connection

source: IFAD Social Reporting blog

Watch this video to learn how IFAD is connecting rural communities in Peru and Vietnam to exchange ideas.

Battling Dehumanization and Financial Exclusion: How Can Access to Knowledge Help?

source: Center for Financial Inclusion blog

A collaboration is coming together around the financial inclusion of people with disabilities. Read about a new online library with resources like effective strategies for overcoming specific obstacles and ideas on how to design successful programs that include people with disabilities instead of disregarding them as unable to participate.

What do numbers tell us?

source: IFAD Social Reporting blog

Kiva believes in the importance of financial literacy training in empowering those living in poverty. Read about IFAD's important findings in the area of training.

Adoption of Mifos at Al Majmoua (pdf)

source: Microfinance Gateway

Learn how Kiva Field Partner Al Majmoua in Lebanon was able to adopt a more efficient technology platform, which has allowed then to grow faster and with more flexibility. Kiva's own Sam Birney worked on this project with Grameen Foundation before coming joining the Kiva team.