Friday, July 22, 2011

An Inspiring Story about Creative Students Lending Through Kiva!

This week, Kiva is feeling inspired by a story from one of our lending teams! Kiva’s Lending Team, The Peace & Justice Academy has been lending through Kiva since 2009 and to this date they have funded 60 loans totaling $1,475!

A map the students created to display the loans they've made around the world.

Randy Christopher and Kimberly Medendorp started the school in 2009, and shortly began implementing Kiva in the classroom. In the beginning, Randy asked each of the students – and there were only ten that first year – to bring in $2.50. He made it clear that they were not to ask their parents for the money. They could scrounge it out of the couch cushions, use their birthday money or sell bottles and cans to raise it, but they could not ask mom. The students got their $25 together and all of them contributed to the discussion of who should benefit from their first loan. That was 60 loans ago!

One of the students promoting a Kiva lemonade stand.

The school found that Kiva is the perfect teaching tool. Every loan recipient’s story teaches a lesson in geography, culture, finance, history, economics and more. Kiva loves these students’ entrepreneurial spirit and their creativity around fund-raising. This year, as part of a lesson on the ins and outs of business, the boys and girls built competing lemonade stands and raised another $200 for Kiva.

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