Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Passport Series: Nicaragua: Part Three: Student Borrowers

Each month, the Kiva Blog profiles a country we work in through a three-part segment called the Passport Series. This month, we are taking a look into Nicaragua! Nicaragua has one of the most interesting histories in Central America as well as a complex and controversial political economy. Throughout the month of June we have learned about the country, their microfinance sector, and are finally narrowing in on student borrowers!

Kiva currently completed a pilot program with MiCredito that issued low-interest student loans in Nicaragua. This program began in October 2010 at Catholic University of Dry Tropic Farming and Livestock just north of Managua!

Students- Romen, Judelkis, and Marjorie farm cabbage. Photo Credit: Karen Gray

The university handled the loan for a project focused on cabbage farming, providing $100 to each of the 12 students. The loan term was for 6 months (October 2010 – April 2011) and all the students have successfully repaid! MiCredito plans to continue this program but must wait until next fall as implementation revolves around the planting and school season.

Kiva believes that this program allows students to take their classroom learning and adapt that into their practice. We are proud to see these students learn how to manage credit responsibly and follow their path to becoming small business owners. The CEO of MiCredito explains the importance of student loans in this video and mentions how this success would not have been possible without Kiva’s support!

Kiva Field Partners CEPRODEL and AFRODENIC also help students with educational expenses!

Srta. Noelia Reyes is from the town of El Sauce. She has been working as a cashier at a local institution for six years. One of things she wants to accomplish as a young woman is to earn a diploma in Business Administration. She received her eighth loan from CEPRODEL in order to achieve her goal of becoming a prepared individual. These loans give her the opportunity to improve her social standing and gradually climb the professional career ladder.

Afrodenic administered a loan of $1,025 to Yelba Mercedes to help pay for her certification course. A pregnancy at a young age made it difficult for Yelba to continue with her secondary education but she has worked hard to continue towards completing her degree. Yelba plans to graduate with a degree in Chemistry and Pharmacy, and in time, she will have a good job as a medical representative. Her children are her inspiration, and she strives to be able to give her son a better education. Her daughter is already a professional, and she would like to see the same from her son.

Help fund a Nicaraguan entrepreneur’s dream today! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for more opportunities to loan to students next fall!

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