Sunday, June 5, 2011

Introducing the Kiva Ecosystem Blog Series!

Wonderful Kiva Community!

It is with excitement that we introduce to you a brand new blog series! The Community Outreach Team at Kiva has worked hard to put together a series of 10 blog posts to profile the many pieces that make the Kiva Community what it is. The reason for Kiva's success is no secret. Kiva has seen such amazing growth thanks to involvement from such a large, vibrant community of participants. At Kiva, we like to call this our 'Ecosystem'.

The Kiva Ecosystem is made up of infinite components. We have chosen 10 contributors of the Ecosystem that we think give a great view into some special parts of how Kiva works. It is our hope that through this series, you will feel more connected to microfinance, have more insight into functions of Kiva you have never thought about (how do engineers and translators work together to actually make this happen?!), and maybe learn a bit more about how loans get dispersed and repaid.

Here are the quick links to each of the daily posts:

Kiva Ecosystem :: Borrower
Kiva Ecosystem :: MFI Kiva Coordinator
Kiva Ecosystem :: Kiva Fellow
Kiva Ecosystem :: Review and Translation Volunteers
Kiva Ecosystem :: Kiva Staff, Partnerships
Kiva Ecosystem :: Kiva Staff, Engineering
Kiva Ecosystem :: Kiva Intern
Kiva Ecosystem :: Kiva Funder 
Kiva Ecosystem :: Kiva Board of Directors
Kiva Ecosystem :: Kiva Lender

We hope you enjoy exploring the Kiva Ecosystem and we thank all of the different groups that come together to make this possible!