Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Microfinance Notes: 2 May 2011

At Kiva, we value being in tune with the news, research, and latest findings in Microfinance, so we are making an effort to bring you more of the latest in Microfinance!

In this post, we cover the following: the challenges of measuring income and quality of life, an article focused on Non-financial Services, a CGAP technology blog post on the power of mobile money, growing efforts to financially include people living with disabilities, an update on Kiva Field Partner FATEN receiving a $3million loan from the IFC, and much more.

If you can only read one...

On the Challenge of Measuring Income
source: Trickle Up Blog

We are often asked, “What is the impact of a microloan on a borrower's income?” While increasing revenue is the major focus, sustaining income is essential to improve quality of life and maintaining well-being throughout shocks. This great post from our friends at Trickle Up attempts to explain why income isn't a simple thing to measure.

If you can

Microfinance: A Sustainable Platform for Non-financial Services (pdf)

source: CGAP Microfinance Gateway

Two of Kiva's eight "Reasons Why We Work with our Field Partners" relate to Non-financial Services. Read CGAP's position on why microfinance is actually an excellent delivery mechanism for integrated services that benefit the overall well-being of the poor.

Delivering on the Savings Promise of Mobile Money
source: CGAP Technology Blog

One of Kiva's core beliefs is the power of technology to transform lives. Read about innovations in savings and mobile money that could positively impact the poor around the world.

Financial Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities Widens Online Presence

source: Center for Financial Inclusion Blog

Despite concerted efforts and successes at reaching vulnerable groups, microfinance still struggles to reach marginalized individuals such as those living with disabilities. Read about the Center for Financial Inclusion's growing effort to reach these individuals.

Palestinian Microfinance institution gets $3 MN loan from IFC

source: Microfinance Focus

In Palestine, Kiva Field Partner FATEN has been posting on Kiva for 22 months. Now, FATEN's excellent work has been recognized with a sizable loan from International Finance Corporation (IFC) - a member of the World Bank Group.

Does Microfinance Work? — A Review of the RCT Literature

source: Financial Access Initiative

The Kiva Community is keenly interested in finding effective program impact measurement tools. This instrument is necessary to provide certainty that the products and services offered are well-adapted to client needs. Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) are proving to be one of the most promising approaches.

Insight Into the Relationship Between Yield and APR

source: MIX Market Blog

Microfinance is, at its core, about numbers. Read about the sometimes-complicated relationship between portfolio yield and annualized percentage rate (APR) from several thought leaders in transparent pricing of microloans.

Can Industry Data and Transparency Strengthen Microfinance?
source: CGAP Microfinance Blog

The microfinance industry of today is shaped by its firm commitment to transparency. This value of transparency is core to how Kiva operates and makes decisions. Read the blog post from CGAP about the impact of data and transparency on microfinance.