Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Featured Volunteer- French Translator Connie Archea

By Kimberly Friedland, Review and Translation Program Intern

Outstanding Contributions to Kiva:
Since joining the team in June 2010, Connie has been an asset not only for her consistent translations, but also for strengthening the volunteer community through her active participation on the forum and volunteer event attendance.

How did you find out about Kiva?
I found out about Kiva through the 2007 American Translators Association Conference in San Francisco. I was just starting out as a student at that point and thought it was a wonderful cause.

Why did you choose to volunteer your time with Kiva?
I was looking to launch my career in translation. Several people suggested I volunteer with Kiva, so I applied and pretty soon I was trained and translating.

What is your favorite partner or region?
Almost all the loans that I do are from West Africa. I'm not sure that I have a favorite partner, but I do like Soro Yiriwaso in Mali because their loan descriptions are very clear and written fairly well.

Tell us about a memorable profile you have reviewed.
There's no one profile that stands out in particular, but I keep noticing all of the women who not only have their own children but who also care for other kids, and are using their loans to educate these children. That really touches me. If there's a way out of poverty, that has to be it.

Where is your favorite place in the world to travel?
I like traveling in Europe, especially in France. I also like Turkey. I'm dying to go to Morocco and also West Africa in the future. I'd like to get a wider perspective on the landscape and culture there.

Tell us an unusual or surprising fact about yourself.
I grew up in Kansas, but spent the second grade living in Germany. The experience changed my outlook forever; it opened my eyes to the larger world.

Photo provided by Connie Archea.