Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Check out our new "Updates" tab!

Has the fancy new tab on our homepage caught your eye yet? This week we replaced our old "Journals" section with a new and improved "Updates" tab. This allows for easier navigation of all sorts of Kiva news including stories from Kiva Fellows, and even borrower updates tailored to your loan portfolio!

The feature allows visitors a simpler way to stay updated with the borrowers they may have supported and Kiva's Field Partners. Finally, everything Kiva - all in one place!

Here is a quick-guide to the 5 different search options that are built into our new "Updates" section:

Kiva Updates -  Use this option to view all of the content from our main Kiva Blog. This includes details on events, milestones, our Passport Series, and other info from Kiva HQ.
Kiva Fellows Updates - Stay up to date with "Stories from the field" and news from our Kiva Fellows Program using this search option.
Loan Updates -  Browse all updates (i.e. "journals") that are posted about Kiva Borrowers and the work they are doing.
Loan Updates in My Portfolio -  This special search function allows you to view loan updates from all of the borrowers YOU have funded through Kiva. 
Partner Updates - Search for updates from our Field Partners in 53 countries!

Questions or comments about these changes? Let us know!