Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kiva Promotion Week at Nau!

All of us at Nau think Kiva’s business model is brilliant- from the lending to the story telling, to the concise and accurate mission statement. The unsurpassed growth of Kiva during the last 5 years is proof that people know a good thing when they see it. Like so many other donors, we’re committed to seeing Kiva continue this growth. For us, this means telling Kiva’s story to new audiences.

Our mission represents the collective values of the people working for and with the company. We apply our values to everything we do- from sustainability to labor practices and our belief that the private sector has a responsibility to support organizations doing humanitarian and environmental work. The health and well-being of our planet depends on it.

As an apparel company that sells online, one creative way we tell Kiva’s story to new audiences is through our online checkout process. 2% of all sales on nau.com go to five non-profit organizations; we call them our “Partners for Change”. Our customers take an extra step when purchasing online. Before they complete a transaction, they must stop, read, and learn about these organizations and choose the one to whom they would like to donate 2% of their sale. This small change in the online buying process brings Kiva in front of thousands of new people every year.

With the giving season right around the corner, we’re trying to find even more ways to introduce Kiva to new audiences. This week we’re spreading the word about our 10% giving promotion. From now through November 8th we’re giving 10% of all sales to our Partners for Change. For the Kiva audience, receive an additional 10% off your order by entering the promo code “KIVA”. And, if you want to help them raise an extra $500 this week, visit our Facebook page.

Nau is also a young company, so we can appreciate and truly admire what Kiva has accomplished in such a short amount of time. Are there ways that you can tell Kiva’s story– that aren’t so obvious – to your audiences that will help them continue to grow? If you want to brainstorm, we’re all ears: customercare@nau.com.

Partners for Change –http://www.nau.com/partners-for-change/

10% of all sales - http://www.nau.com/