Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jonathon Stalls completes his KivaWalk across America!

A special word from Kiva Walker, Jonathon Stalls:

"Two years ago I started dreaming of this adventure. I deeply wrestled in making the decision and whether or not I'd have what it takes to see it through. There is nothing more exhilarating than knowing I made a dream of this magnitude, a reality. The daily pressure and hard work in pushing myself physically, mentally and emotionally was exhausting; however the fruit from these efforts are unimaginable. This journey has trained my mind - heart - and body to live more freely... more at peace... and to be more intentional w/less. I hope that I can channel and hold strong to the values and lessons learned. Hundreds of friends, family, hosts and supporters are the true heroes and I will be forever thankful. Our celebration last Saturday was an amazing intersection of supporters from near and far.  We walked, we laughed and we learned from one another as we marched to the beautiful sun covered Pacific Ocean. I was so happy to share the completion of our 3,000 mile trek w/hard working Kiva staff and far traveled family and friends. It was truly unforgettable. Walking has become a living - breathing - world of peace in my life and I look forward to where we will go next, even it it's to the store only a few miles away...  
Thank you for all your HEART behind our journey and Kiva's global mission. 
Keep in touch and don't hesitate to reach me at:  
Cheers for now,
Jonathon & Kanoa"  

243 Days * 3,030 Miles * 7 pairs of shoes * $411,000 in loans to Kiva Borrowers

Kivawalk fans and supporters got a glimpse of what life has been like for Jonathon Stalls lately. Daytime walks and evening talks with a lot of celebration in between! On Friday, we welcomed Jonathon to San Francisco to mark the conclusion of his incredible KivaWalk across the U.S.  After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, he arrived at Kiva's office, with a group of family and supporters, ready to share his story with us.
Jonathon with Matt & Premal at Kiva
After a great presentation and question-answer session, Jonathon began to prepare for the weekend ahead. Friday evening he was reunited with his beloved travel companion, Kanoa, before getting his hair cut by a local Opportunity Fund borrower/Kiva entrepreneur!

Haircut at Pretty Pretty Collective with Kanoa

Saturday morning would mark the official end of Jonothan's KivaWalk. A group of nearly 40 supporters gathered at the Ferry Building to begin a full-day walk through and around beautiful San Francisco. The event would conclude at the Sports Basement in the Presidio, but not before a very important stop at the shoreline of the Pacific. With Jonathon and Kanoa leading the way, the group ran down to the waters edge to witness the end of an epic cross-country adventure. Jonathon eagerly jumped in the ocean, taking a brief moment to think about what he had accomplished: 3,030 miles on foot, from coast to coast, in support of Kiva. It was a wonderful moment to be shared.
From coast to coast for Kiva

From the beach, the group proceeded around a coastal trail, all along sharing stories with each other about how they came to know the Kiva Walker. Some supporters who had hosted Jonathon during his walk, had flown in from all over the country to see him finish his journey. Two women from Delaware who met Jonathon at the beginning of his trip, added "we wanted to skip the middle part!" Other Kiva lenders and staff participated just for the opportunity to spend time with him and Kanoa and to support his final steps.

The 14.3 mile walk ended in the shadow of the Golden Gate at the Sports Basement, where even more supporters were waiting to welcome Jonathon. The event attracted close to 100 people, even some shoppers who sat in to hear his story! The presentation inspired some vibrant comments and stories that gave us a fun picture of what some of his experience must have been like.  

We want to thank all those who followed and supported Jonathon Stalls and his KivaWalk over the past 8 months. We all now know what incredible determination and a "KivaWalk" sign can do for the world.

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*A very special thank you to the Sports Basement for sponsoring Jonathon and hosting his homecoming celebration.
*Photo Credits: Kiva Lender, Bob Harris