Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update on the Run4Kiva Event in New York

The first ever Run4Kiva was held last Sunday, August 29th in New York and was a huge success! The members of the Kiva New York lending team wanted to update the rest of the Kiva community on the event:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first Run4Kiva 5K in New York this past Sunday!

We had around 200 runners signed up from the New York area and around the World, which raised around $2,600 for the non-withdrawable Team Fund, which will continue to support borrowers on Kiva in perpetuity.

Thank you also to our sponsors: Ever Gift, Muscle Milk, Hint Water, Utz Pretzels, Cotton Mine shirts, Union Market in Brooklyn, and Road ID. Thank you also to Brooklyn Road Runners for their help and the Special Events department at Prospect Park.

Let's make this event even bigger next year!

A Special THANK YOU goes out to all of the participants, virtual runners and the members of the Kiva New York lending team for being a part of such a successful event!