Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update on Jonathon Stalls' KivaWalk across the US

Jonathon Stalls and his dog, Kanoa, have completed 173 days and over 2,100 miles so far on their KivaWalk across the country! Jonathon wanted to share more about his adventure with the Kiva community and wanted to encourage his supporters to join him for his final miles walking into San Francisco in the next few months!

Update from Jonathon Stalls in his own words:

With over 2,100 miles on-foot, 6 pairs of shoes, and hundreds of pictures documenting our time through America… ‘WE’ (walkers, lending team members, global supporters and internet followers) continue walking across the USA planting lending communities through the Kiva lens. The Kiva Walk Lending Team has generated over $282,000 in less than a year and we have grown to 330 + members. We continue our outreach via local newspapers, journals, radio and online blogs across the country in hopes to educate thousands of unique people on micro-lending and Kiva.

I’m reaching out to the great Kiva community for three reasons:

1) Access in Utah and Nevada - Please know that we will have very limited access to internet; therefore, the KivaWalk website, Facebook and Twitter accounts will be updated periodically depending on service and/or web connection. Any connections in these areas for host families and/or supply drops are most welcome (please see ROUTE for more details).

2) Kiva Awareness – We are seeking help in generating support and traffic/awareness to Kiva and/or our Lending Team through our walk as our mission continues to show great capacity in steering others to Kiva. Please feel free to network on behalf of KivaWalk in your local communities! (For example: encouraging, inviting and sharing our websites listed above, Kiva Walk Lending Team social/happy-hours, and community level walks through your neighborhoods/towns) – Also, see the mention of KivaWalk t-shirts by below! Don’t forget to send me pictures and stories if you decide to host and/or organize an event or walk so I can post it! – email me here:

3) Official invitation - PLEASE consider joining, supporting and being a part of our final miles walking into San Francisco, CA on Saturday, November 13th. Details to come…

FYI: I made the tough decision to have my dog, Kanoa, stay in the Denver area with a wonderful family while I tackle the Utah and Nevada terrain. As we continue moving West, I feel more confident of this decision. He is deeply missed; however, I know his paw pads are thanking me! We have added a new member to our travel team: BOB, a custom made sports utility stroller donated by Polly Letofski from This addition has allowed for greater water capacity and MORE traffic to as it can hold a larger sign... it is also a savior to the weight on my back!

I can’t thank YOU enough for your incredible support and encouragement along the way. This trip wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the deep passion that fuels Kiva staff, volunteers and of course lenders.

KivaWalk News Coverage:

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A new KivaWalk T-Shirt made by Channy Sokh Group at can be purchased to show your support for Jonathon and his KivaWalk across the US. To view this shirt, please click here.

We wish Jonathon and Kanoa continued success on their trip! You can also follow Jonathon's trip on his KivaWalk website and his KivaWalk Facebook page.

**Disclaimer: Please note that the KivaWalk website is operated and monitored by Jonathon Stalls, and is independent of, and not affiliated with, Kiva Microfunds (“Kiva”), including its website ( Kiva and “Kiva Walk” are two separate and non-affiliated entities, and any transactions an individual may decide to make through or forKivaWalk or otherwise for Jonathan’s trek—whether financial or non-financial—would be solely for the benefit ofKivaWalk and would not be for the benefit of the Kiva organization.