Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What are you waiting for? Throw your hat in the ring!

Have you ever heard of the Kiva Fellows Program? Perhaps you've stumbled across the bios of Kiva Fellows and thought to yourself "these people are amazing, but they're not quite me". Rather than thinking of the ways in which you're different from Kiva Fellows, we urge you to think about the ways in which you are alike.

You are already interested in Kiva. Have you ever thought about how you could do more to engage with Kiva and its field partners, and even meet the borrowers? Whether you've hesitated to apply because you weren't sure you fit the mold, you never knew such a thing existed, or you were waiting for a personal call to action from Kiva staff, I urge you to check out the program, fill out an application, and invest in that headlamp you've been eyeing.

We are accepting applications for the 13th class of Kiva Fellows (training in San Francisco Oct. 11-15) until Friday, Aug. 6th. If you’d like to see a profile of a Kiva Fellow, click on the photo below to check out the video that Micro-Documentaries created to profile Rob Cavese, a member of the 6th class of Kiva Fellows:

This video was created pro bono by Micro-Documentaries