Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Announcing the New Kiva High School Website!

Today, we are announcing the new and improved Kiva High School website. You can visit the website at:

Kiva High School (KHS) is a national network of high school students, and their respective chapters, unified by a belief that poverty can be alleviated and that microfinance is an effective tool to achieve this end. Students, with the support of their teachers, organize Kiva High School chapters to join with like-minded students in their community, and around the country. Students raise money to battle poverty, not with sympathy, but with business transactions rooted in mutual dignity. Chapters participate in spreading awareness about Kiva and microfinance, raising funds to make Kiva loans, and communicating with other chapters to share ideas.

The KHS chapters can now share success stories and fundraising ideas directly on the website. There is also a Chapter Directory that features all the Kiva High School chapters. It also hosts great resources that chapters and educators can use to increase fundraising, spread the word about Kiva, and educate themselves about microfinance. YouTube videos and PowerPoint presentations are available for students and teachers to bring Kiva into classrooms in a fun and visual way!

Also, we'd like to share the very first edition of the Kiva High School Newsletter (to be issued quarterly) featuring KHS chapters making a difference in the global community. It will also promote KHS events and provide updates, opportunities, and interesting stories! Click on the image to enlarge the newsletter:

Make sure to visit the Kiva High School website here for tools, materials, resources and suggestions on how to bring Kiva into your classroom!