Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Introducing Kiva's Newest Salvadorean Field Partner!

We are proud to announce our newest Salvadorean Field Partner, PADECOMSM Credito. PADECOMSM is our second Salvadorean partner on the platform and they have been posting loans on the site since the end of last month. PADECOMSM was formed by 29 local leaders during the Salvadorian civil war in response to the dire lack of government services available in the area. They began by offering social services in several communities and expanded to offer microfinance services in the late 1990s. In 2006 the organization split into two sister organizations becoming PADECOMSM Social and PADECOMSM Credito (focused exclusively on microfinance). PADECOMSM is headquartered in San Francisco Gotera, the state capital of Morzan and has 5 branch offices throughout Eastern El Salvador.

PADECOMSM was initially focused on providing microfinance services to rural areas but, as time went on, began to provide more and more of their loans to entrepreneurs in urban areas. PADECOMSM would like to use Kiva to re-focus their efforts on providing credit in rural areas.

To search for PADECOMSM loans click here. To learn more about PADECOMSM visit their partner page here. To join the PADECOMSM Lending Team click here.