Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New! Facebook® Social Plugins Bring Your Facebook Friends to Kiva

You love Facebook, and you love Kiva. Well, now you can enjoy what you love about Facebook, on the Kiva website!

Kiva has integrated some new Facebook Social Plugins into the website, to make your Kiva experience even more personalized and social.

• "Like" it - Love it!
You've used the "Like" button on Facebook to tell your friend you liked their picture or status update. Now you can "Like" Kiva businesses, and see which businesses your friends "Like"!

• Activity Feeds on Kiva!
The new Activity Feed on the Kiva homepage keeps you up-to-date with your Facebook friends on Kiva, and shares your recent Facebook activity about Kiva with your Facebook friends.

You've been bringing your friends to the Kiva website to support micro-entrepreneurs, and staying in touch with your friends on Facebook. These new features allow you to blend the two!

This integration will only be possible when you are logged in to Facebook at the same time as visiting the Kiva website.

To learn more about Kiva's integration with Facebook Social Plugins, read our press release here.

Go on - log in to your Facebook account and check out the new Kiva features now!!

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.