Thursday, April 8, 2010

Help Kiva Win a $1 Million Grant!

Kiva has been chosen as one of four finalists in the Sam’s Club “Giving Made Simple” competition, for a chance to win a $1 Million dollar grant – but we can only do it with your help and support!

With this grant, Kiva will multiply the impact by 10 by generating approximately $10 Million more in loans from the Internet community, to help 25,000 entrepreneurs in the US and around the world.

How is this possible? Kiva historically generates $10 in loans from the Internet community for every $1 we spend building and strengthening the platform. By investing in the dedicated engineering and portfolio staff who make Kiva possible, we can have 10 times the impact of the original grant.


Sam’s Club Members:

1. Vote Daily: Between April 8th – May 2nd on Facebook or Sam’s Club’s website. There are only 25 days in this campaign, so your daily vote really matters!

Everyone (Sam’s Club and non-Sam’s Club Members):

1. Spread the Word: Do you know a Sam’s Club Member? Send them this link to vote for Kiva. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, or email this blog! Also, remember to follow Kiva on Facebook and @Kiva on Twitter for the latest updates.

2. Tweet on Double Points Days: If Kiva receives the highest number of contest-related tweets or re-tweets on Friday, April 16th and/or Friday, April 30th, all Sam's Club member votes casted for Kiva that day will be doubled!

So what will Kiva do with all that money?
Expand our impact:

Kiva helps women and families – 82% of Kiva entrepreneurs are women and 70% have children.

Kiva now helps US entrepreneurs too – Kiva introduced US entrepreneurs to the Kiva site in 2009. Kiva lenders have lent over $700,000 and counting to fellow Americans in addition to loans in 51 other countries including Haiti, Chile, Nepal, and Cambodia.

Kiva helps entire communities succeed – Kiva entrepreneurs impact their communities by creating new jobs, and strengthening local industries, from agriculture to green energy. Kiva creates a ripple effect that truly is a sustainable way to grow small businesses and fight poverty!

Together we can change lives. Thank you for all of your hard work and continued support!

All the best,
The Kiva Team

Vote daily for Kiva through Facebook or the Sam’s Club’s website.