Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Join Intuit's Lending Team and support Kiva!

As an extension of Intuit’s current Love a Local Business program, for every person who joins the Intuit Kiva Lending Team and makes a Kiva loan within 30 days, Intuit will donate $10 to Kiva.org, up to $50,000. This contribution will be used to strengthen the Kiva micro-lending platform and leverage an estimated $500,000 more in small business loans from Kiva’s Internet community.
To ensure that your loan qualifies for the $10 Intuit donation to Kiva,
1) Join Intuit's Lending Team by clicking here.
2) Make a loan within 30 days of joining and be sure to count it towards the Intuit Lending Team's totals.

The donation match is per person, not per loan – Intuit's goal is to donate $50,000, so please continue to spread the word to help the team reach 5,000 members! Intuit's matching program will run through the end of May 2010, so join the Intuit Lending Team and make your loan today!

Thank you to Intuit for their generous support of Kiva and to our lending community for participating in this wonderful initiative!