Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jonathon Stalls' Kiva Walk across the United States!

In a growing tradition of Kiva lenders doing some amazing things, this March, Jonathon Stalls and his dog, Kanoa, will embark on a coast-to-coast cross country trek covering an estimated 3,000 miles from Delaware to San Francisco, CA - and he’s taking Kiva with him.

 He will be walking through hundreds of towns, cities, and communities in Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California.

Why is Jonathon going on this cross country trek?

“Since living in Ireland (2005-2006), visiting Honduras in 2007, and swapping life stories with many ‘travelers,’ I have craved an adventure that would challenge my daily activities, expectations, and priorities. The speed and growth of our commodity driven and over-communicated culture feeds a personal call to engage in quieter, slower, and more intentional experiences with less. This walk will be a journey in listening, eating, sharing, and growing with: strangers, neighbors, officials, hikers, animals, wind, and dirt.”

Why is he supporting Kiva?

"I wanted and needed a larger purpose that would stretch far beyond my own personal attractions to such a trek. I came across Kiva in my social entrepreneurship class at Metropolitan State College of Denver in the fall of 2007. I craved to do more the minute I clicked on the link, browsed the website, and began lending. I am excited to spread Kiva’s mission and build lending communities across the country. I am more than enthusiastic to do my part in helping our nation’s leading incubators in the fight to alleviate extreme poverty across the world – GO KIVA!” 

If you wish to support Jonathon, learn more here about the various ways you can get involved, including, in his words:

Walk: "I strongly encourage everyone and anyone to take a day, a week, or more and find a way to meet me on the trail."

Host: "Connect with me at if you or anyone you know can host Kanoa and me along the way."

Inspire: "Have me be the reason to host a party and let me speak about how I was inspired to help raise awareness about Kiva!"

Connect: "Put me in touch with someone you know at a University along the trail. I'd love to present to students and/or teachers who are interested in learning more about how Kiva inspired me to walk across the country!"

Kiva Walk website: "Visit my site to learn more about more ways to get involved!"

Also, Jonathon has partnered with Sports Basement in San Francisco! They will be hosting a fundraising party for Jonathan’s Kiva Walk on Wednesday, February 10th! Click here if you would like more information or are interested in attending. Jonathon would like to thank Kiva staff, the Sports Basement and all friends and family who are supporting this adventure. Check out Jonathon's website to stay updated on his trip!

**Disclaimer: Please note that the Kiva Walk website is operated and monitored by Jonathon Stalls, and is independent of, and not affiliated with, Kiva Microfunds (“Kiva”), including its website ( Kiva and “Kiva Walk” are two separate and non-affiliated entities, and any transactions an individual may decide to make through or for Kiva Walk, Sports Basement or otherwise for Jonathan’s trek—whether financial or non-financial—would be solely for the benefit of Kiva Walk and would not be for the benefit of the Kiva organization.