Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Share your impressions and support Kiva!

Hi Kiva Friends!

Who (or what) has made a lasting impression on you? Please take a couple of seconds and share your answer by visiting www.barefootwineimpression.com or post on Twitter and include the “#impression” hashtag.

For each “impression” you share, $1 is being donated to Kiva by Barefoot Wine who is celebrating the release of its limited edition Barefoot Impression red blend wine by collecting your impressions and helping us make a lasting impression on the world.

Our goal is to collect 2,000 impressions over the next 2 weeks (ending December 6th). Please ask friends and family to share their impressions as well.

Also, all proceeds from Barefoot’s sales of Barefoot Impression are being donated. Cases (with free shipping!) can be purchased here.

Thank you for your support of Kiva!