Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shop Fair Trade and Support Kiva

Over the last year we have all been hearing about the impact of the recession around the globe.  It does not just affect big retailers and multinational corporations, but also small retailers working with producer communities and artisans.  Some of these retailers are cancelling orders, resulting in an inventory build up for many fair trade producer groups.  Last year, our friends Priya Haji and Robert Chatwani launched WorldofGood.com, an online, ethical, multi-seller marketplace that is based on the concept of connecting small producers around the world to consumers in the U.S. market.  With the state of the economy and the uncertainty facing many of these producer groups in mind, they have collected some of this overstock and created a special promotion for Kiva users:  For every transaction through the WorldofGood.com/Kiva, $5 will be donated back to Kiva!


Not only can this help producer communities and artisans during such a crucial time (WorldofGood.com works with artisan producers in over 70 countries) but it also helps Kiva!  Help spread the word and keep WorldofGood.com/Kiva bookmarked, because this promotion will run through the end of the year.  Right now, more than ever, whatever you choose to spend is a vote to help companies with good purpose survive.