Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Top Tweets for July

A few months ago, we decided to get a Twitter account started (follow us @kiva) to add one more way to reach out to the Kiva community. In a short time, we've eclipsed the 10,000 follower mark! Every day there are a ton of tweets about what Kiva's up to. We decided to pull out a few of our favorites to share with you:

@hubbayarea: @Kiva responds to questions about its U.S. pilot - 'We believe poverty is relative'

@stinamatilda: for once I wish I lived in UK, just so I could go to this @kiva event

@bmasc: Ive started putting $25 a month into @kiva "savings" account. Only 0% APR, but I think the karma points will be worth it.

@singlead: @kiva You'll love it! Its addictive in a good way when you see the wonderful way your investment grows financial freedom for others!

@tjcornwall: I'll be giving a portion to all of my profits from my new CD to @kiva . Hope you all will pick one up!!