Monday, August 3, 2009

July: 2nd biggest month of lending ever!

You might have been following Kiva's incredible 5 month stretch of record lending, each month breaking the previous record:

February $3,828,825.00
March $4,282,625.00
April $4,487,875.00
May $4,643,100.00
June $4,909,050.00

What an incredible five months! While we were hoping this might continue Titanic-style (we think big at Kiva), July didn't beat June's incredible record of over $4.9 million loaned. However, July did beat our previous record, from May, and at $4,687,250 loaned July is now the second biggest month of lending ever!

You know what this means... we're yet to break $5 million loaned in one month!!!

So, if you have some friends you haven't invited to Kiva, or a birthday coming up, or even some Kiva Credit sitting unused in your Kiva Account - you know what to do! Send your friends over to Kiva, ask your family to get you a Kiva Gift Certificate this year, and spend that unused Kiva Credit!

Can we lend more than $5 million this month?