Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Breakdown of Kiva loans and users by country

Hi everyone,

Jonny Price here - first time, extremely nervous, blogger, and temporary Kiva volunteer.

Below is a link to a presentation including maps breaking down Kiva loans by country, and user penetration by country and US state. Amongst other things, it shows which countries have received the most loans since Kiva began, and which countries have the most Kiva users.

Loan Value by Country (slide 2)

  1. I think the geographic diversity of Kiva loans to-date is great to see. The top 4 countries by loan value are as widespread as Cambodia, Peru, Tajikistan and Uganda!
  2. With a combined population of around 2 billion people, the 2 biggest areas of opportunity for me would seem to be India and China, although I appreciate the regulatory constraints around involvement in these countries.
  3. As someone interested in Africa, it is also interesting to see the gaps in southern Africa – e.g. Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, even South Africa.

Kiva users per million population by country (slide 5)

  1. It is probably unsurprising to see the strongest penetration of Kiva users in North America, western Europe and Australasia.
  2. Well done to Canada for leading the way with 861 Kiva users per million population. The US is in second place with those generous Scandinavians from Norway, Iceland and Sweden in third, fourth and sixth place respectively. With a population of only 20,000, the 3 Kiva users in the nation of Palau make it into twelfth place!
  3. It is amazing to see that of the 196 countries I looked at, only 20 have no Kiva users! But if there’s anyone out there in Kiribati or Tuvalu, or if you’re the Pope (Vatican City), get lending!

Kiva users per million population by state (slide 13)

  1. It is interesting to see the stark contrast between the strong penetration of Kiva users on the west and east coasts, and the weak penetration in the south.
  2. Well done to the relatively numerous Kivans in DC, Alaska and Washington!