Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kiva Partner Nau's Grant 4 Change

At Kiva, we have the luxury of having the support of some of the most innovative businesses around the world. One of those businesses, Nau, a supporter of Kiva via their Partners for Change program, is announcing a new initiative - their first annual Grant for Change.

Nau will be giving away a $10,000 grant designed to support individuals who instigate lasting, positive change in their communities. The grant is nomination-based, and voter-driven, which means you get to shape who will win the prize. Maybe this means you nominate yourself, or maybe it means you nominate your friends or coworkers, or maybe it means you just spread the word and vote. All nominations will be treated equally.

They're shifting the focus of the grant each year, but this year, Nau is dedicating it to those who move in the spirit of the Nau Collective. Nominees consist of:
  • ATHLETES who are challenging assumptions about what it means to move through the world.
  • ARTISTS, designers or other creatives who are moved to design better solutions to the world’s greatest problems.
  • ACTIVISTS who are seeding positive change in their communities, and moving others to do the same.
Nominations for the grant are open ‘til August 17th, the voting ‘til August 31st. So go ahead and nominate somone you're proud of!

And thanks to Nau for their continued support!