Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kiva Friends Challenge One Another!

On July 15, 2009 avid Kiva supporters from challenged each other to break a new record. They wanted to have as many people as possible associated with “” show up under their lender avatar (profile picture) on a single loan. They chose to loan to the Esperanza 2006 group from El Alto / La Paz, Bolivia working with Pro Mujer. They were hugely successful with 85 Kiva Friends lending to the group before it was fully funded. Their previous record involved 65 participants, so this was a vast improvement!

This is yet one more creative idea coming from and we are continuously impressed! They have mastered the concept of creating friendly challenges that allow their members to both support an entrepreneur and raise awareness for their Lending Team. We would encourage other lending teams and groups to follow in their footsteps and challenge their own members. Other challenges could include a friendly competition between another team, a Loan-A-Thon, or a new member recruitment challenge. We love to see our committed community get creative!

We want to thank and all Kiva lenders for their continued support and enthusiasm for Kiva!