Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kiva + Atlanta + Picnic = FUN!

On Saturday, June 27th, Atlanta Kiva Lenders lending team proudly gathered for a picnic in a local park. In celebration of being one of the largest domestic “local area” lending teams on Kiva, dedicated Kiva lovers came together to socialize and set outreach goals for the future. The group had a raffle presenting the winner with a Kiva gift certificate and a special guest also joined them! Team captain, Liliane, wrote to us and explained:

"It was a beautiful, hot Atlanta day in the park and we had all come together to talk about Kiva! Many of our regular attendees, as well as some new lending team members joined us. It was exciting to meet a wide variety of Kiva lenders, with different backgrounds and varied skills sets. We discussed awareness events we might like to host in the late summer and early fall, when a number of festivals take place in Atlanta, as well as promotional products we might like to create, such as Kiva banners or T-shirts. And not surprisingly, all members enthusiastically vowed to double their recruitment efforts!

We were thrilled when a staff member from the Accion-USA Atlanta branch arrived! Jesse gave us a lot of insight into how things work at Accion-USA at both the client level and as an organization."

To check out the Atlanta team, see their Lending Team page or the Atlanta Team Facebook page.

This is yet another great example of a group of Kiva lenders who really care and who have figured out a way to use Kiva and its community to connect with people they otherwise might never have had the opportunity to meet!

If you would like to host an event with your lending team, or for people in your area that might not yet know about Kiva, let us know! We are looking for some spectacular volunteers who wish to help us raise awareness about Kiva in their communities around the globe! For more information or questions, contact us at and check the calendar for events near you!