Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Play" for Kiva and pass it on!, a leading women’s digital media company, has recently launched the “Apps for Good” charitable donation program. LimeLife will donate 10% of the profits it generates from downloads of its iPhone game, Hollywood Hangman, between today and Sunday, June 21st to Kiva!

Your download of the iPhone game will help pave the way for women like Amavi Akoete, a Togoan 35-year-old mother of six, to grow her jewelry business or Yen Pham Thi, a 35-year-old mother of two infants, to expand her cattle business. How can you participate in LimeLife’s Apps for Good charitable campaign?

  • Between today and June 21st, download Hollywood Hangman to your iPhone or iPod Touch (this is a word-guessing game with a Hollywood twist – perfect for people who love entertainment trivia, celeb gossip and word games).
  • Forward this email, tweet, and update your social networking status to let your friends know about LimeLife’s Apps for Good campaign! 
  • Track the progress of LimeLife’s Apps for Good Campaign by following the LimeLife iPhone Twitter feed.

As an additional incentive, LimeLife will donate another 5% of profits to Kiva if Hollywood Hangman becomes one of the Top Five best-selling word games on iTunes by Sunday, June 21st. Let's see how much we can raise together!