Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A few changes to the site

In the website release that will go out shortly, there are a few changes worth calling out:

  1. We were able to track down and fix the issue some people were having with their transaction history. What's more, we were able to make it much snappier
  2. The entrepreneur profile page has changed. You will notice:
    • A country section on the right side of the page, showing where the loan is going as well as some basic information about the country that the entrepreneur or group lives in
    • We've been able to make the "Advanced View" of the repayment schedule even more transparent. Instead of converting the expected repayments from entrepreneurs to USD, we've kept the entrepreneur repayment schedules in their original, local currency form. Obviously, most entrepreneurs submit repayments to the Field Partners in their local currencies, not in USD, so we thought it would be worthwhile to display what actually happens on the ground.
  3. The billing cycle has changed, meaning that lenders will get repayments sooner. You can read more about this and why we made this change in Giovanna's blog post Change to Billing Cycle.

Happy Lending!