Monday, April 27, 2009

Twitters about Kiva? (Update)

Hey Kiva Supporters - we made a mistake when we said that Brad Pitt Twittered about Kiva a few days ago. We were notified today that the Twitter account named “TheRealBradPitt” is not in fact owned by Brad Pitt, the actor. The fake Brad Pitt profile has now been taken down by Twitter. I guess a lot of people were fooled (the profile had tens of thousands of followers), but I feel pretty embarrassed because I thought I had an eye for this kind of thing.

Anyways, what this means is that Brad Pitt, the actor, did not Twitter about Kiva. But he, through a direct representative, has been really cool about letting the Kiva Team know about this and letting us down easy. We want to set the record straight and say that we’re still fans of him and the great work he does – check out Brad’s initiative, Make It Right Foundation New Orleans, at

You can still follow Kiva on Twitter @kivadotorg. We’re going to be a lot more careful the next time we see a celebrity profile giving Kiva a shout out.